Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring is in the air, bringing a whiff of the budding blossoms, sprouting spring flowers, but I do not have time to enjoy the moment as my mind is filled with a million things that are on my to-do list.  This predicament is not pertaining to this week or this month or this year! It is a repetitive pattern for most of the humanity.

The last day of the week, I looked at my in-tray and it was filled with all the pending work that needed to be done. Then my daughter Miryll called to remind me about her prom dress shopping. I marked it on my phone calendar which was ready to declare a strike due to the number of events marked there.  With a brief sigh I attacked my work with a vengeance, as the teaboy brought me my tea. I was going to chide him for bringing the mug filled to the rim when an epiphany struck me, that my cup was full! My mind’s cup was overflowing , and it was not conceiving anything new as there was no place for newer things to enter my life.

They say “history repeats itself”, and it is usually referred to different generations; but if we look closely, history is getting repeated over and over again in  our lifetimes. We keep doing things in the same old ways, hence, every new year, is an action replay of the past years.  We cannot apply the same old solutions to newer problems, as the variables are changing every second. If we have become stuck in limbo, the world around us is surely evolving at a quicker pace.  When people say, they have an experience of fifteen years in an organization or industry, what they really mean is, they learnt to perfect their jobs in the first year and have applied those parameters, repeatedly. It seems that we are all at an assembly line of life,  without even realizing it. In milder terms, we call it a ‘Rut’, and then accept it as a part of life’s wisdom.

We do not realize that life outside of us, is a reflection of the life within. When you notice a person walking on the street with his shoulders hunched, he is actually carrying the invisible baggage of guilt, shame,  aggression etc.  We are the on the outside, what we feel inside. Its amazing, how people can see our souls, past the various facades we construct to shield ourselves.

When people fall in love, they want the same feelings to last a lifetime. The change that occurs over a lifetime is not in its intensity as usually experienced by the two partners. After years have gone-by, but the human being changes over the years, so the same rules do not apply. The love between people is always lying dormant, but the expression of that love has to innovate or transform to suit the age of the relationship.

Spring Cleaning of the mind and the soul is required, from time to time, to empty the cup. We can begin, by de-cluttering the life around us. Throw away the non-significant things around us. Then we can adopt an open-mind towards ideas, notions and solutions. This, however, means that we not only superficially acknowledge them, but also internally be open to new concepts.

To empty the cup, we need to know what the cup holds. It is like opening the Pandora’s Box with all its  mysteries of  pure and evil. We have to look at them objectively, face  them and release. A good start can be writing down all the strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs etc and them microscopically assessing them. Not all weaknesses are bad and not all strengths are virtuous. It will be a difficult journey, but surely an exciting one. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

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