Random Acts of Kindness

The commercial world of today has nurtured us into selfish beings, yet we expect others to show us magnanimity and compassion. Have we lost faith in the inherent goodness of mankind; if so, then it’s a two way street and every other person is thinking the same. Why can’t we understand that we all are going through similar onuses of life and if we work towards it we can make a slight difference in the life of the other. This, however, can only happen, if we momentarily put our egos to sleep and immerse ourselves in the spiritual realm of collective consciousness.  I am but a sum of the parts and that gives me the power to alter the whole universe.

There are some selfless people out there who are performing random acts of kindness every day. You look around in wonderment to thank them, but they blend in with the crowd. Why do they do it? What is their motivation behind giving unconditionally? They perhaps, truly feel, that sending out positivity to the universe goes around a full circle, rewarding them beyond their trifle deed; or are they in touch with their innate humane soul that instigates them towards selfless good feats purging out the shadows within.

With a fraction of awareness everyday, we too can perform our little service to humanity, no matter how modest the act itself may be. We do it from time to time, but it is usually masked by politeness or social norms, but if we consciously execute it, every act is like a prayer.

We don’t have to be a charity foundation to make a difference in the world. Lets take baby steps towards changing the world. We have collected some simple ideas for RAK – Random acts of Kindness. Lets see how many our readers can relate to them or aspire to achieve them all. Most of us are very kind to strangers, but indifferent to the emotional needs of our loved ones – after all charity begins at home.

  1. Distribute food to a homeless shelter
  2. Give way to a motorist on the road
  3. Open the door for a person entering
  4. Help at the soup kitchen
  5. Take flowers to the patients in a local hospital
  6. Pay a compliment at-least once a day
  7. Pick up garbage on the road, park or beach
  8. Volunteer at school for special needs (encourage your children, as well)
  9. Park your car away from the building entrance, giving best parking for late comers
  10. Donate blood
  11. Tell a co-worker/subordinate/boss how much you appreciate their work
  12. Call the person you have wronged, to say sorry
  13. Leave an exceptional tip for the waiter
  14. Donate books to the library
  15. Pay for the person behind you
  16. Give your place in the queue to the person behind
  17. Buy cold drinks and distribute to the workers on the road on a hot day
  18. Distribute colourful sticker to kids in the bus/train or park
  19. Raise the self esteem of an insecure person
  20. Be kind to yourself and pat yourself on the back
  1. Intek World Reply

    We appreciate your comments. Please keep contributing towards our motivational blog

  2. Marilyn Philip Reply

    Mankind is so caught up in their daily activities that they have forgotten about the less fortunate whose needs may be just one of the 20 emotional needs listed.

    God says in Galatians 6:2 “we ought to bear each others burden, fulfilling the law of Christ.” That is like being your brother’s keeper. Helping in whatever way or whenever we can.

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