Vol 11, Issue No. 9 – September 2012

Dear Friend

This month’s Ezine is specially dedicated to all Intek’s workshop participants, who are all so dear to us and even though we may not see or talk to them frequently but they have all touched our lives in a very special and unique way. There is a wonderful quote “You would be the same person five years from now, except for the books you read and the people you meet”. The people in our lives can lead us to a certain path, but we have to walk that path ourselves. My friend, we have led you all to a crossroad, perhaps a turning point in your lives – where you go from here depends all on you as everyone walks their path – alone.

The thing to identify is, that nobody can be a support to another person for all their lives, no matter what relationship it may be. We have our support systems, throughout our lives, in the form of parents, friends, spouses and children. Agreed, no man is an island, entire of itself, but why are we perpetually depending on that significant other to help us. When we are confronted with problems or adverse circumstances, we look around for a saviour – a miracle to haul us out of that chaos. As a gift from divinity, we were given the ability to overcome any hardships, all on our own. We have to find the strength, right inside our soul as no external help can truly assist us. Carlos Castanada quotes a parable in his books where a person falls in a pit and starts screaming for help After five hours of shouting “somebody help me” he realizes that no one was going to come to his aide so he struggles all by himself and manages to climb out of the pit. Prophets, Messiahs, Saints and leaders have emphasized the importance of developing the self through self discipline. Read More

Featured Articles
Delegation with Confidence: Five Essential Steps

The old maxims “if you want something done right, do it yourself,” don’t address the busy manager with assignments and deadlines facing them everyday. Many managers find themselves limited simply by the hours in a day to meet the many demands confronting them. Giving up control and authority is a challenge that many managers fear more than working twelve hours a day six days a week.

But the effective manager is one who understands their limitations and has confidence in both their ability to delegate and their subordinates. There are five steps that insure that the delegation process will yield the best results for the manager and the recipient of delegated tasks. Read More

How to Manage an Moral Crisis

1. Adhere to established management practices. To place a positive spin on a negative scenario, an moral crisis among your organization provides a nice chance to demonstrate your managerial capabilities. Ensure that you just:

Act immediately. Management is all concerning action and implementation-getting things done. Though staff below pressure could not fully perceive the implications of inappropriate and hasty actions, inaction on your half will never be excused in relation to behavior that breaches the organization’s code of moral conduct. Read More


Editor’s Choice

Mystical Dimensions of Islam

by: Annemarie Schimmel


Mystical Dimensions of Islam presents, for the first time, a balanced historical treatment of the transnational phenomenon of Sufism—Islamic mysticism—from its beginnings through the nineteenth century. Through her sensitivity and deep understanding of the subject, Annemarie Schimmel, an eminent scholar of Eastern religions, draws the reader into the mood, the vision, the way of the Sufi in a manner that adds an essential ingredient to her analysis of the history of Sufism.

ISBN-10: 0807812714

ISBN-13: 978-0807812716

A Glimpse of Intek’s Previous Workshops

SSC Growing Together – Dubai – UAE

Psyche’s Realm 

The Restless Mind – The Constantly Thinking Mind

The natural tendency of the mind is to be restless. The act of thinking, is a continuous and ongoing activity. The restless mind jumps from thought to another, allowing thoughts to come and go incessantly, from morning till night, giving us no rest for a moment. Most of these thoughts are not exactly invited; they just come, occupy our attention for a while, and then disappear, making place for others.

Thoughts are the like clouds drifting through the sky. Like the clouds, they are not permanent. Due to their incessant movement, they distract or attention and disturb our focus. Read More


Cross Cultural Awareness
Global Non-Verbal Signals – Romania & Spain

  • Men rise when they are introduced to a woman.
  • Business cards are exchanged often, so bring a large supply with you.
  • When visiting a Greek Orthodox Church, women should dress modestly with their arms covered. Skirts should be worn instead of slacks.
  • When dining in Romania, several toasts will be held. The Romanians eat with the fork in their left hand, and keep the napkin next to the plate, rather than on the lap.



  • The abrazo (embrace) is common among male friends, while women do the same, as well as make the motion of kissing on each cheek. Men and women always shake each other’s hand upon meeting.
  • The “OK” sign with the thumb and forefinger in a circle and the other fingers outward is seen as obscene in Spain.
  • When seated, Spanish men will cross their legs at their knees. It is considered “unfeminine” for women in Spain to cross their legs.
  • Eye contact in Spain is important, but women should be careful with making eye contact with strangers, as it might signal interest of a romantic nature.
  • To beckon someone in Spain, stretch your arm out, with your palm downward, and make a scratching motion toward your body with the fingers.



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