Detox Your Being

Are you mentally and physically burnt out, due to pursuing the commercial modus operandi for a better life. Do you spend endless amount of time either poring over work or worrying about the future. Do you have trouble putting your mind to sleep at night – as it is on a constant whirl that never stops? Don’t worry its not a promotional add for magic pill or a panacea program to solve all your problems. This is a wake-up call, provided you are answering this ring and not busy on your smart phone!

How do you know you are burnt out? Take a look at the symptoms below and tick mark the ones applicable to you.

  • You don’t get time alone with yourself
  • You are not exercising due to lack of time
  • You eat your meals in a hurry
  • You are addicted to coffee, smoking or alcohol
  • You are irritable and snap at your family members
  • You are restless all the time
  • You don’t relax on your holidays
  • Your social life is dwindling
  • You have acquired no new skill, just capitalizing on past proficiencies
  • Your job performance has slowly declined
  • You look years older than your chronological age
  • You have succumbed to a few psychosomatic illnesses
  • You feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly on the go, but never reaching anywhere

These are all repercussions of a stressful life and despite the intensity of stress, you usually forget that it is not tangible and can be vanquished through a systematic logical plan of action.  You need to detoxify your entire being! This means questioning each and every habit pattern, from eating, sleeping, thinking, working. A radical turn around for a few days is required to shake the core of your old routines, rattling you out of this inertia. Imagine it as a self-imposed boot camp to prepare for the surge of challenges round the corner.

You can start by a detox of the body; cutting down on fast food, red meats, stimulants like tea coffee, smoking, white poisons as salt sugar and white flour. Then introducing daily exercise of some form. Making an effort to sleep earlier than usual, to give body the rest support it needs during a ‘master cleanse’ program. The next major conscious purification is of negative thinking patterns. You keep rounding up the broken record of ‘what ifs’ in the thoughts. This is the toughest to break and needs self awareness at all times.

No detoxification will take place on its own without giving it the exact opposite proportion of the current habits. For bad food habits, you replace it with healthier choices. For lethargy you propagate activity. Giving the mind something to occupy, you produce affirmations and conscious happy positive thoughts. To have a ‘spring cleaning’ of the mind, just do the opposite of what you do currently. Give it a few weeks and notice the difference. You will see a new person look at you in the mirror – just give it a big smile, while saying ‘I love myself’!

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Zaufyshan was educated in the area of Human Development & Behavioral Psychology, she achieved her distinction in MSc in 1986. A behavioural psychologist with extensive senior management experience in both the public and private health sectors, helps her to combines her practical knowledge of psychology and management to develop and present programs which meet the changing needs of business. She had the opportunity of experiencing education in a diverse culture in Singapore, where she studied innovative method of “Imparting Education Without Stress” at all levels of education. She was also involved with psychological counseling for teenagers as well as the faculties of reputable institutions. This helps her develop her inter-personal skills as well as work on her empathetical abilities. She feel pride in changing perspectives of the new generation.
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